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Character: Belle/Beauty
Series: Beauty and the Beast
Version: The first Disney movie.
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

❦ Appearance: Her name is fitting. Belle is/was the beauty of her village, though she never paid much attention to that opinion. In fact, she has a tendency to dress rather plainly. However, excluding her attire (at least at the beginning of the movie), she is a medium-height, slightly curvy woman with hazel eyes and brown (or reddish-brown) hair. Her skin, as one might expect, is flawless and she is gifted (probably through her mother's side) with a "rose petal" mouth (meaning that her lips resemble two rose petals pressed together).

❦ Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Belle is intelligent, witty and empathetic when it comes to interacting with others. She is also quite loyal - especially when it comes to family/friends (the line between the two often overlaps in her case). Additionally, she is well-read (at least when it comes to French literature) and well-versed in etiquette. (I like to think she learned her etiquette from her mother, but I have no canon proof of that.)

She does not have any weapons on her. In fact, the only thing in her bag is Beast's mirror and...Chip. But she doesn't know he's there. (For the sake of making things less complicated, I am going to pretend Chip isn't there.)

❦ Weaknesses: Belle is not physically strong. She would definitely lose if she was in a fight. However, that does not mean that she wouldn't try her best. She certainly would.

Mentally, Belle is very strong. Even when she feels guilty or uneasy, she knows what's right and what's wrong and she will strive to do what's right every single time (even if it pains her).

❦ History: Belle grew up in a quiet, French village in a small cottage with her father, Maurice. After her mother passed, she encouraged her father to pour all of his creativity into his "inventions". Soon, their basement was filled with oddities meant to do one thing or another. Belle never minded. As long as her father was happy, that was all that mattered to her.

However, in the village proper, rumors began to spread about Maurice's sanity. Belle did what she could to defend her father's honor, but it wasn't always easy. In the end, she had to rely on flirting (rather shamelessly on occasion) with the village hunk, Gaston. No one dared to mess with Gaston, which meant that her father was, more or less, safe from being locked away in an insane asylum.

But Belle found Gaston's advances disgusting. She had no desire to marry him and she had no desire to live the life he had planned for them. Being "the little wife" chasing after a brood of children angered her rather than enticed her. It was around that time that Maurice left on a trip to showcase one of his inventions. After Belle "dealt" with Gaston (i.e. a pig with the pigs), the Clydesdale (Phillipe) Maurice owned galloped back to Belle and alerted her that something was very wrong.

Belle wasted no time in climbing on his back and chasing after her father. Upon entering the forest, she realized that Phillipe was taking her somewhere completely unknown. When the castle loomed out of the darkness, she couldn't help but quake in fear. But there was no going back. Her father needed her.

After entering the castle, Belle tried to be cautious. All the same, she kept calling for Maurice. Somehow, she found the tower Maurice was being kept in. Unfortunately, it was at the same time that the Beast found her. Terrified, Belle begged for Maurice's release - even offering herself as a trade. The Beast accepted and Maurice was let go. Yet Belle wasn't even given a chance to say good-bye. When she began to cry, the Beast seemed to...soften. Somewhat. He offered her a far more comfortable room and even invitedordered her to have dinner with him later.

She, of course, refused. Belle locked herself in her new room and railed against the hand fate had given her. Even her new friends (the Bureau, Mrs. Potts and Chip) couldn't convince her that he was worth giving a chance. However, later that night, Belle's hunger overcame her disdain. She left her room and snuck her way down to the dining room. There, the servants treated her to a fantastic feast/show. Afterwards, Cogsworth and Lumiere took her on a tour of the castle.

When they reached the stairway for the West Wing, Belle paused, recalling what Beast told her about said Wing (i.e. don't go there). She tried to wheedle information out of Cogsworth and Lumiere, but they kept their lips mostly sealed. Unfortunately - for them - Belle's curiosity was lit. Distracting them by pretending to be interested in the library, she waited until they were walking off before sneaking up the stairs. Once inside the Beast's chambers, Belle found a painting of a handsome man. But, just as she was piecing it back together (it was torn - as was just about everything else in the room), a glow caught her attention. Upon seeing the Enchanted Rose, Belle couldn't help but want to touch it. Just as she was about to, the Beast appeared once again and roared at her.

Needless to say, she fled the room and the castle entirely. Even with Phillipe by her side, Belle soon found herself cornered. By wolves, no less. She fought as hard as she could, but it wasn't enough. Thankfully, the Beast arrived just in time. He dispersed the wolves easily enough, though he was quite injured by the end. When he collapsed, Belle moved to his side and covered him with her cloak. She then maneuvered him onto Phillipe's back and carried him to the castle. The evening was then spent tending to his wounds while he grumbled. Eventually, Belle thanked him for saving her, causing him to soften/relax once again.

The next day, Belle played in the snow with the Foot-Stool (dog) and Phillipe. After coming indoors, she was surprised by the Beast. He led her to a closed room, asking her to close her eyes. She frowned questioningly at him before obeying. He then guided her inside and opened the windows. When she was finally given leave to look, she discovered that she was in the largest library she had ever seen. The Beast then informed her that it was all for her. What girl could stop herself from gushing after receiving such a precious present? Belle certainly couldn't stop herself.

Over the following days, she grew closer and closer to the Beast. They had every meal together, played outside and read by the firelight. Finally, a very special night arrived: the night of the ball. Belle was dressed in a golden yellow gown while the Beast wore a blue suit. When the dance began, Belle discovered that they moved well together. She even rested her head on his chest, allowing herself to simply enjoy the moment.

The night ended with them on the balcony. She admitted that she missed her father very much and he offered her a way to see him. Unfortunately, what the Magic Mirror revealed was...heart-wrenching. Maurice had tried to find her, but he was sick and lost. Panicked, Belle told the Beast what she had seen. He wrestled with himself before giving her permission to leave the castle. Surprised by his kindness, Belle touched his cheek and thanked him. She wanted to say more, but it would only complicate the situation. Still, she promised herself that she would return to him.

After she saddles up Phillipe and leaves the castle, Belle will enter the game.

{Beau s'est levé.}
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